Backyard camping with basement’s a recipe for summer fun at home!

HOW is it already the beginning of August? The month of July flew by, as we’ve got just about three to four weeks left of summer vacation here in Omaha. We hate to see the freedom and joy of summer go, so before we bid it an official farewell and welcome in fall, we are going to make the most out of having everyone home and soak up the remainder of carefree days without the hustle and bustle of rushing out the door. And 0ne of our favorite summer activities, and something we all look forward to, is having a backyard camping adventure right out from the comforts of our walkout basement.

Creating a backyard campground experience with the convenience of basement amenities from one of our Hawthorne floor plans, just a few steps away is truly the ultimate *glamping* experience, at least for us as parents! Save on the costly price of gas and forgo the campground fees with a family-fun outdoor adventure as you step right out of your very own basement door.

Backyard Camping with Basement Amenities! Keep reading for more summer fun!

Five Essentials

The list of fun ideas that you could set up and go all out for is a mile long and really the possibilities are endless when it comes to transforming your green grass lawn into a forest camping trip. And while we love a well-thought-out, highly executed soiree, the point of having a backyard staycation is to eliminate the stress and fuss of embarking on a camping trip somewhere afar! So after careful consideration, we’ve landed on five backyard camping essentials that are budget-friendly and of course kid-pleasing and parent-friendly.

#1 Movie Projector

Watching a movie outdoors during your backyard camping night can evoke nostalgia in parents and create excitement for kids as they watch their favorite flick for the first time outside the living room walls. A change of scenery, quite literally, does create an entirely unique viewing experience for the entire family! And to bring your outdoor theater to life, all you need is a projector, a large white sheet, a few tacs, and a plethora of sleeping bags, blankets, and pillows to recreate the luxurious comfort of the oversized theater lounge chairs.

#2 Snacks on Snacks on Snacks

What spectacular camping trip and outdoor movie experience are complete without a bountiful helping of snacks. Of course, we’re big proponents of healthy eating and balanced nutrition, but what’s a summer vacation and backyard staycation without a little indulgence, right? The classic sugar candies and chocolates are sure to please, but if you can, we suggest renting an old-school popcorn maker! An outdoor movie is a perfect opportunity for buttery-fingers. Simply plug into your outdoor outlet and let the fun start poppin’! And bonus, you can opt for organic kernels instead of the movie theater kind.

#3 Glammed-up Tent

Elevate your basic Coleman tent into a glamorous backyard camping space by adding a few extra touches. Hanging string lights instantly elevates the backyard and tent, creating a magical moment for both parents and kiddos. Plus you can repurpose and reuse string lights on your patio or porch all year long! If you’re fighting the steamy temps of summer like we are here in Nebraska, then an outdoor fan is a definite must. It’ll keep you cool during the movie and then move it inside the tent for a comfortable five-star (pun intended) snooze. And lastly, pile up the ground with soft and plush blankets and pillows so everyone feels cozy and together during their outdoor camping slumber party.

#4 Fire Pit and S’mores

If it’s not too terribly hot when the sun goes down, creating a backyard fire in a fire pit or outdoor fireplace where you can roast s’mores will certainly be the makings of a core memory for all. From munching on crispy ooey gooey graham crackers to swapping stories and jokes; love and laughter will no doubt be felt and shared by all!

#5 Ghost Stories

And last but certainly not least, no true camping experience can be had without a plethora of ghost stories being told as they ignite a little sense of wonder and worry. We can’t help but watch and internally smile as we see their sweet faces turn from silly laughs to semi-serious expressions as scary stories are told and their hair begins to stand slightly on end. As the fire winds down, happy memories can be shared to lighten their hearts and fears before the family settles in the tent for snuggles and wishing on the stars!

Projectors, snacks, fire pits, s’mores, ghost stories and so much more! Thes backyard Camping with basement Amenities make for a great way to end the summer!

Basements Are a Reprieve From The Dog Days of Summer 

A finished basement in Omaha is a reprieve for the dog days of Summer, right? Summertime and the livin’ are easy… and hot. Midwest summers can be brutally hot and that doesn’t even include the crazy humidity levels that we endure for at least four months, if not more. Underground backyard pools have always been a favorite for Midwesterners, but the popularity of having your own oasis has grown increasingly since 2020. Covid times forced the need to stay home, and with that also came the want to make your home what you’ve always wanted it to be. And your finished basement and backyard are no exception. For some, depending on space and resources, putting in a backyard pool is not an option, which is where Hawthorne Finished Basements come in! We are here to bring you a basement reprieve for the dog days of summer.