Meet Team Hawthorne

Choosing a basement finishing company can sometimes feel like picking a poison. No matter which you pick, something is certain to go wrong.

But not every home construction project needs to feel that way. (Actually, it shouldn’t at all.)

Hawthorne has something to say about that. Yes, we know you want a beautiful basement at a fair price, but you also want amazing customer service.

We’re excited to show you how pleasant it can be.

Beth - Hawthorne Finished Basement finishing company. We're basement contractors that believe exceptional communication and transparency will serve us both well.

Meet Beth

As operating partner of Hawthorne Finished Basements I operate as the strategist, consultant, focusing on homeowner and team experience. I am Passionate about growth and communication. Maintaining a culture of team collaboration, and fun.

My greatest desire is that everyone who experience Hawthorne would feel valued and taken care of, resulting in a beautiful basement that fulfills not only the now but the future needs of your family.

I reside with my husband and husky in Downtown, Omaha, where we also lead a church and get to encourage and love people daily.

I Enjoy black coffee, avocado ice cream, and genuine conversation.