The best time to finish a basement is when you have financing for it.

I’m kidding. Mostly.

You’re probably looking for a season where it would make the most sense to finish your basement, right? Well, I’m going to answer your question with some questions and explain the different reasons.

What Do You Need the Basement For?

There’s usually a reason for completing your basement. Whether it’s in preparation for Husker Football in the Fall, March Madness, your kids entering middle school, or your mother-in-law moving in soon- there’s a reason.

Therefore, try to allocate about 3-5 months if you plan on using a basement contractor or 1-2 years if you plan on doing it yourself. You think we’re kidding about that last part, we’re not.

Another important consideration is when attempting to sell your home. If the market is in favor of the buyers and all the surrounding homes have completed basements then you may need to complete your basement.

Obviously, it looks good on your listing to increase the finished square feet and many people love turnkey homes.

When Are Basement Contractors Most Available To Work?

The construction industry is most thriving during the Spring and Summer with favorable conditions. This prompts much of the workforce to concentrate on exterior projects.

Your basement, however, can be started and finished at any point in the year. This past Winter, many Omaha basement companies had slight delays because of blizzard-like whether that made roads impassable. While minor in the grand scheme of things, weather delays are more prone in these seasons.

So again, Fall or Winter is a great season to start a basement project since the demand for construction decreases. But truly, any time of the year would be ideal for a basement project.

I’m Ready to Finish My Basement, What Next?

Much like other basement contractors in Omaha, we usually need an onsite visit to your home to understand your needs.

Once there, we need our drafting team to create a rendering of your basement that we can use to pull a permit and bid out each piece. To understand our pricing model and how we’re different than other Omaha basement companies, see here.

When all parties agree on the numbers, then we can sign on your project and begin work. Give us a call at (402) 321-5260 to get started to email