Have you ever considered what the Top 3 finished basement must-haves are? Here at Hawthorne, we can literally turn nearly any of your finished basement dreams into a reality, and the sky’s the limit when it comes to curating your sanctuary space. The requests we’ve had, most we are familiar with, but some have also really challenged and pushed our creative prowess as a builder. So needless to say, we’ve heard, seen, and done it all – no request is too big or too small! And after years and countless beautiful basements brought to life, we want to share our top three finished basement must-haves to consider when planning yours.

Kitchen and Wet Bar

Our True Gains floor plan.

No entertainment space is complete without a hydration station and a place for platters of your favorite finger foods to land! Just like on the main floor, the kitchen area is the gathering place where everyone naturally gravitates to, which is why we always recommend putting the kitchen and wet bar on the top of the priority list. The style, aesthetic, and design of the kitchen, as well as the finishes and decor, depend completely on your own personal preferences and personality. If you are the hostess with the mostest, then you may want to consider countertop space – having a lot of it – as well as the decision between a full-sized fridge or a mini beverage fridge instead. You will also want to consider whether or not to put in a sink. We definitely recommend putting in a sink, and dishwasher if conducive, as it alleviates the hauling and multiple trips to the main floor for clean-up!

The Coziest Couch

Our Coastal floor plan.

When the party’s over and the kids are tuckered out from playing in the backyard all day, there’s no better way to unwind and wrap up a fun-filled day than with a family movie night! And the kind of couch you have makes or breaks whether or not the flick is put on upstairs or downstairs. We encourage our clients to make their basement just as welcoming and inviting, if not even more, than the main living floor. And the perfect couch is the cornerstone of family movie night. Unlike the main family or sitting room, function and comfort come before ultimate fashion. You want the couch to be deep with plush cushions and ample space to spread out, allowing everyone in the family to have their own designated comfort spot. The fabric should be durable – and washable because we anticipate a lot of snacks being consumed here – but also soft and smooth. And blankets. Lots of fuzzy blankets are a must-have couch accomplice.

Full Bathroom

Our Modern Marvel floor plan.

If you have a family with active and adventurous kiddos who spend their free time digging in the dirt, making a mess in mud, and living their greatest lives outdoors; then we suggest, as a parent ourselves, adding a full bathroom to your finished basement. The shower will come in clutch when the kids run into your walkout basement and the last thing you want is for them to run up the stairs and carry their outside grime all over the house! A full bath also is a great benefit if you have a guest room in your basement. This affords your guests the privacy they want and the freedom to keep your bathroom to yourself!

Contact Hawthorne Finished Basements in Omaha to discuss your plans and don’t forget to tell us what your finished basement must-haves are!