When you’re researching Omaha basement contractors, it’s hard to tell what makes each company different.

Everyone says the same things, has the same types of picture and offers the same types of service.

At Hawthorne, we wanted to be very clear on what sets us apart. We’re not just another basement finishing company in Omaha and here’s what makes us different:

We’re Female Owned

Nothing against the fellas, but we think women bring a unique perspective that you won’t find with other basement contractors in Omaha.

Each of us contributes separate skills and knowledge to this industry. Our attention-to-detail, high level of communication, and use of technology will create a better experience for the homeowner.

Thoughtful Basement Plans

Each plan and layout is created with your family in mind. The way we see it, your basement is a blank slate and we work with you to help design it.

Entertain often? Let’s put in a drink fridge.

Like watching movies or sports? Let’s do a killer AV setup.

Lots of pets and kids? Let’s make sure to incorporate a stain-free carpet.

Is your Mother-in-Law moving in? Let’s make sure we set her up comfortably.

You tell us what’s important and we make sure to incorporate it.

Over Communication

Back to point #1, we’re women and we like knowing what’s going on. We assume the same of you.

You’ll often find that we respond to emails, calls, or texts within the same day (sometimes the same hour). We’re accessible, communicative, and might interject some sarcasm along the way.

We’re easy to reach during business hours. And even after you’ve sent in your last payment, we’re still easy to reach.

Total Transparency

We believe that trust thrives in transparency. This is partly why we use cost-plus pricing over fixed pricing and why we operate with “open book”.

But on top that, we believe in owning up to mistakes (we’re human!) and being truthful even if the news isn’t great. The basement finishing industry still has a long way to go, but we’re excited to be part of the change.


Does Hawthorne sound like a basement contractor you’d like to work with? Great! We’d love to chat.

Fill out our contact form or give us a ring at (402) 321-5260.