Why Basements?

The construction industry has room for improvement. Homeowners are used to miscommunication, missed deadlines, and generally, having an unsavory experience.

But we realized it doesn’t have to be that way. So we decided to do something about it.

As fellow Elkhorn residents we came to the realization that with the boom of housing, there would rise a need for basement contractors. Some key players exited the market so it was a ripe opportunity to enter.

Lindsay + Cam

Lindsay and I have been friends for almost 9 years now. Our oldest kids were literally babies when we first met and now we have both added 2 more each. Yes, we’re busy, but we’re also passionate about making an impact in the professional world.

Lindsay has long had experience with construction and custom home building. As mentioned, she is a third generation builder so it’s been second hand for her. She knows the ins and outs of construction and has had her hand in all types of residential and commercial builds.

I, on the other hand, have limited experience with Construction BUT I know project management. I owned and operated a web design company for nearly 8 years. During that time, I was able to work on some complex projects and really hone in on my project management skills.

We both bring separate and unique strengths into Hawthorne Finished Basements, but we believe this to our advantage.

Oh yeah, and we believe our XX chromosomes will serve us well in a male-dominated industry.

Wanna Work With Us?

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