Hawthorne Basements breathe warmth into your home.

The last time we browsed the aisles of a cool vintage store we scoped out some pretty amazing used board games, and that prompted our memories to take a nice long walk back in time. There are so many reasons and occasions for spending an evening in the basement, and we would love to take a closer look at what you are wanting to change from “what it is now” to what your ultimate downstairs environment looks like. Whether you prefer your home to breathe the essence of a Modern Marvel or picture it to be a Bright and Cheery place to spend time; your basement is where so many valuable memories are made, and a unique feeling of security, safety, and shelter is remembered.

The basement is where the welcoming sounds of a sports playoff game will beckon you to spend an extra half hour on a Saturday afternoon as you cheer on your favorite team in overtime, as well as providing the open space for a quick treadmill run or elliptical hike for inspiration and healthy vitality. Summer is right around the corner and we are going to be feeling AND looking good! We also are firm believers that a basement is an ideal spot for a sweet home theater space, perfect for Netflix viewing. But if you aren’t a movie buff, then your basement can lend itself to other hobbies and activities, such as a wine room for the wine connoisseurs, a table for the pool sharks, and a  cozy nook with a comfy chair and fuzzy blanket for the bookworm. Regardless of how you prefer to spend your free time, the basement is a unique place to gather or take a moment for yourself.

Here at Hawthorne Basements, transforming your unfinished basement and shaping it into the space of your dreams is what our dreams are made of. We take every detail into account and truly listen and yearn to understand exactly what you envision your basement to be. We will be your partners and personal guide to ensure your untapped resource reaches its fullest potential and meets your family’s needs and wants. A beer AND wine fridge, multiple screens for everyone’s viewing pleasure, table games, a wet bar for entertaining, and a big cozy couch for all kinds of family recreational activities; your basement will embody signature nods of classic American living and the family bonding-time ideal.  what homeowners want, and they are now fully ready to re-decorate. The basement is not just a place where the kids are banished to “go play” and is no longer designated for children’s sleepovers. When you hire Hawthorne, we will collectively turn it into a space where all want to be.

We encourage you to recognize the full potential your lower level can offer up for you as a refuge and beacon of time spent together. A fireplace that brings a smile to your face immediately after ice skating? Done. Does a Husker volleyball or football win with chips and dip and your closest besties having a delightful time in your domain? DONE! The antiquated version with shag carpets and a 70’s Show vibe? GONE! We have a very distinct process of assessing your area, discussing your needs and wants, and understanding what fits your lifestyle. And this time of year, we have many upcoming seasonal and memorable moments to celebrate, such as graduation parties and bridal festivities that are ideal events for you to host in your brand-new basement digs!

There’s something special about graduation: it’s celebrating the future, reminiscing on where the young folks have been thus far, and sharing how they are going to change the world! This is the basement that you’ll be hosting them in during the holidays when they come home, and now is the perfect time to give them a sendoff before they begin adulting. Hey, adulting can be fun!! Your vision can be enjoyed for years and generations to come. “Warmth for the Win” means so much to us here at Hawthorne: the foundation of your home is just waiting for our finishing and personalized touch.

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