Are you eager to connect with an Elkhorn basement contractor? The coming of spring is one of the events that so many residents in Nebraska look happily forward to: even though we did not have that much of the white stuff this year, the temperatures still dipped as they always do, and the spring always brings about a renewed sense of vigor for projects you want to finish. Excited homeowners, we have talked to have just gotten their tax returns, know what direction they are moving in with their various home improvement projects, and are thrilled to hire an Elkhorn basement contractor to have the ultimate game room, family area, or place to take a break and clear your head with some exercise!

Functional Family Basement Plan

This is one of the daily tasks that are still so great to accomplish during the spring in your basement: getting some of that vital movement back in your daily mantra! Even though it can be the most opportune time of year to get the heart rate up outside, you may have little ones that need to be watched over, a show you want to catch up on, or furry friends that seem to love your constant companionship in the basement. Our “Functional Family” plan is one of the best to enjoy exercising: you still have room for the TV and downstairs kitchen island, but the space is ideal for assuring you have an awesome and fulfilling workout.

Once the Easter bunny has made his visit with his colorful array of candy and eggs, there really aren’t any other major holidays during spring to worry about while you are refinishing! Even though Fall is still a great time to have us come finish your basement, you may have Thanksgiving gatherings among other things such as Halloween where you require time and space. After we clear the necessary loose ends up with permits and inspections, we’ll be ready to get things started and add our own sense of expertise and flavor to the home of your dreams!

True Gains Basement Plan

This is also an excellent time of year to “bring the green inside” that you have noticed while out enjoying the drastic change in weather for the better. When it comes to spring, we’re crazy about our “True Gains” plan: you could go full-on Japanese or Hawaiian style with indoor plant choices or plan a retro theme that mixes artificial Ivy with stony tones that complement the hearth. It is truly a great plan to just enjoy the freshness cracking a basement window brings: even the most stressful morning with a huge to-do list becomes so much more bearable after you’ve had your second latte and the fresh air rolls in.

Once you’ve made the decision to work together with us at Hawthorne Basements, we won’t be able to contain our enthusiasm when we show you the options for a timely and attractive finish. As the smell of freshly mowed grass permeates the Nebraska air, batting practice begins in dugouts statewide, and exciting graduation parties are planned, Spring is a good time for us to reflect on why we began in the finishing and contraction business: our Heartland pride blended with a penchant for the slightly modern side of things makes us stand out as enthusiastic experts ready to transform your area into an unforgettable and unified space!