DIY basement finishing vs professional contractor? That’s one of the most common questions for homeowners. So, let’s dive in!

You’re either a newer homeowner or a veteran homeowner and you are finally ready to finish your basement. What’s your next step and how do you go about it? It’s time to consider DIY basement finishing vs hiring a contractor.

Do you even need a contractor to remodel or finish your basement? This is a decision made on a case-by-case basis. Each homeowner is going to have different resources at their disposal. As a homeowner, how you decide to use those resources is a personal preference. Do you have carpenters, plumbers, or electricians in your family that you lean on and give you more confidence if you choose to go DIY? However, if you are entirely new to the idea of basement remodeling or finishing, then hiring a trusted contractor is likely going to be your best option.

It’s not surprising that so many homeowners are seriously considering DIY basement finishing vs. hiring a professional contractor due to the upswing of platforms like Reddit, YouTube, Etsy, and DIY websites.

Benefits of Finishing Your Basement On Your Own

The number one reason for finishing a basement by yourself is the obvious cost savings. So whether you’re simply general contracting it yourself or doing some of the physical labor, you will no doubt save money.

In fact, some estimates say you can save anywhere from 10-20k+ when you manage and DIY the basement vs hiring a professional contractor.

It helps to be available (i.e. work at home) and be extremely organized. There are tons of resources on Youtube and websites that can help you if you plan on doing it yourself.

The number 2 reason for finishing a basement by yourself is the joy of developing a new skill that goes along with the remodeling of the basement.

Definitely doable and great for those who are tenacious, adaptable, and handy.

Benefits of Hiring Someone To Finish Your Basement

The obvious benefit is the experience. Any Omaha basement contractors will usually have experience dealing with permits, working with any subcontractors, design/layout/selection experience, and project flow.

As such, the basement project will often move much faster and with fewer snags than someone finishing their basement themselves. We can employ several hands at various stages of the project so there’s very little downtime.

At Hawthorne Finished Basements, we have carefully screened all of our subcontractors and can stand by their work. Many of these subcontractors we’ve worked with for years in the Omaha metro area.

When it comes to DIY Basement Finishing vs Hiring a Contractor, there’s really no one-size-fits-all approach.

Which One Should I Choose?

You may be screaming at the screen and asking, “WHICH IS THE BETTER OPTION?!?!” DIY is not the best option for everyone. Cheaper costs, in the beginning, are significant, and your bank account will breathe a sigh of relief. However, some costs could come up later to change all of that.

For example, contractors like Hawthorne Finished Basements in Omaha will know all of the necessary permits from the city of Omaha needed to keep everything legal with your basement finishing. If you start renovating without these permits, your project will have to stop; you’ll need to pay a fine and have to buy the permits anyway. These issues could cost thousands of dollars and precious time on your basement finishing.

So Do You Do It On Your Own?

Choosing DIY basement finishing vs. professional contractor is based on your individual or family situation. Hawthorne Finished Basements in Omaha would be happy to talk with you about this and help you make the best decision for your project.

As a reminder, do your research on custom basement contractors in Omaha.  Take the time to read Google reviews, visit with current and previous clients, and be sure to interview the contractors. Our team is eager to help you with modern basement design while making sure you are being taken care of.

If you’re searching for a basement contractor you can trust, we encourage you to contact us as quickly as possible.

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